Intelligent Judgment Control

The V7 and V8 have a variety of standard calculation and compensation functions. A host of optional software allows numerous functions to be added.

In-Process/Post-Process Use

Two models are available: the V7 for in-process machining (analog meter model) and the V8 for post-process applications (LED digital model). However, both models can be used for in-process machining and post-process applications.

Multipoint Measurement with 4-Channel Simultaneous Parallel Processing

The provision of 2 or 4 input detectors enable simultaneous parallel/calculation processing and overall judgment processing for a maximum of four items.

Expanded Display Functions

The V7 for in-process machining has a large analog meter and digital display. The V8 for post-process applications is equipped with an LED digital meter.

Dramatically Enhanced Operational Ease

A rotary switch facilitates intuitive operation. In addition to easy setting of various conditions and display of compensation values, a fluorescent display facilitates one-glance confirmation of measured values and results.

Compatible with PULCOM U2000A

The units can be used to replace the U2000A in most cases.

Superior Maintenance Ease

The provision of a large-capacity battery provides long life.

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