Intelligent Judgment Control

SPC control (post process) and display and output of ellipticality, chattering judgment and machining status (in-process) provide high added value.

Dramatically Enhanced Operational Ease

A 6.5 inch bright TFT color LCD with a touch panel has been adopted for the display unit. This dramatically enhances operational ease. Simply touch the screen you wish to set or change when making adjustments or performing other operations.

Multipoint Measurement

Hardware that allows connection of a maximum of 4 judgment heads and software that permits a maximum of 32 items to be measured provide the optimum configuration for simultaneous parallel processing.

Many More Display Functions

Real-time graphic display for in-process judgment enables machining status to be determined at a glance, simplifying discovery of problems (signal can be optionally output in the event of a problem). The machining status can be replicated when a defective workpiece is discovered in a subsequent process, simplifying analysis of the cause of the defect. For post-process judgment, the display can be tailored to the functions used (e.g. overall display of all judgment items and statistical processing display).

Meter Display

Machining status can be displayed on the LCD for in-process measurement, providing a realistic view of machining conditions.

More Standard Functions

The V10 has a variety of standard functions, including auto mastering, operational expression input, smoothing and extended range display/high resolution.

Overall Data Display

Display of a workpiece diagram, judgment items and judgment results on a single screen facilitates judgment of the current status.


The display can be switched to Japanese, English, Chinese or Korean.

Size Shift Function for Multi-Product Lines(Option)

Combing this unit with an extended range measuring head enable judgment of multiple axis workpieces without changing the setup. A maximum of 1,280 size shift settings can be registered.

In-Line Roundness (Option)

Roundness can be measured during or after machining. Roundness results are displayed as polar coordinates and output as an OK or NG judgment. The provision of an FFT analysis function facilitates judgment of chattering and a regular diameter distorted circle, too.

Detachable Front Panel (V10S)

The front panel is detachable so you can position it so it is easy for the operator to use. The control panel is built-in to the main unit.

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Pulcom V10a / V10s