Wide Measuring Range (Maximum Diameter Difference of 40 mm)

Using an optical scale, replacing the existing LVDT, as a sensor allows continuous measuring to diameters of 40 mm difference, without setup.

High Precision Measuring

The high precision, rigidity and durability proven in the PULCOM Σ-V Series are maintained to make a wide range of high precision measurements possible.

Superior Linearity for All Measurements

Fulcrum measuring mechanism is used in a best-fit method of automatic compensation of problematic diameter deformations caused by centering and measurement deviations, to achieve superior linearity.

Short Setup Time

With the size shift function of previous models, it was necessary to do mastering for each diameter measured, however it is now possible to do all measurements with only three types of mastering required during setup. (Standard Mastering: to do zero setting, Size master: to adjust linearity). This makes it possible to greatly reduce setup time to provide a system that is suitable for a wide variety of products and diameters.

A-Quad-B output Digital Transmission

Digital transmission shortens startup time compared to previous size shift mechanisms (1/3 of previous) as well as increasing noise immunity.

Improved Maintenance

Removable connectors are standard equipment which improves maintenance.

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