Auto Zero Shift for Diameters within 20mm(7mm)

For different diameters that are within 20mm(7mm) changing of setup is completely automatic, allowing zero set to be performed by simply providing signal input to the control unit. When the difference in diameter exceeds 20mm(7mm) the range can be measured by adjusting the stylus or replacing the attachment.

Compatible with 40 Sizes

By combining the PULCOM Σ20 with the PULCOM V10A model that has the size shift function, 40 types of workpieces can be automatically measured.

Air Retract Mechanism

The retract mechanism moves the stylus out of the way when the unit is inserted, allowing in-process measurements to be safely performed and insertion from the axial direction of the cylinder in order to perform postprocess measurements.

Measurements of Workpieces with Notches

Workpieces with splines and other types of notches can be measured.

Based on PULCOM Σ

The internal mechanisms on the PULCOM Σ20 have the same high precision as the PULCOM Σ. In addition, the same attachments can be used since it has exactly the same outer appearance and dimensions.

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