Ultra Compact

The width, depth and height of the PULCOM MINI Σ are only two thirds that of the PULCOM Σ, resulting in a volume that is a mere 30%. Furthermore, the unit can measure diameters up to φ50mm.

Outer Diameter/Inner Diameter Types

In addition to standard outer diameter and inner diameter types, a type is available for run-out measurement.

Host of Options

The MINI Σ can be used with the same standard contacts and fingers as the PULCOM Σ, enabling measurements between φ5mm and φ50mm. The provision of an option enables measurements between φ1mm and φ10mm.

High Precision

The PULCOM MINI Σ-Ⅱ offers the same outstanding high precision, stability, rigidity and reliability as the PULCOM Σ, the standard for diameter measurements.

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Pulcom Mini Sigma 2