Highly sensitive touch monitor has been created with proprietary new technology!

PULCOM GE-10 and PULCOM GE-10V grinding wheel touch monitor, sense a light signal buried among noises and detect contact between the grinding wheel and workpiece. This system drastically shortens non-cutting time.

Digital Noise Reduction

The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that uses our proprietary digital noise reduction eliminates the coolant spray and peripheral noise from the bearings. Approximately 6 times better SN ratio (signal/ noise ratio) is achieved compared to conventional analog filter-type gap eliminator.

New Highly Sensitive AE Sensor

High-sensitivity AE sensor has been developed specifically for detecting the contact between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. It detects as well as expensive sensors built into dressers or shafts. The sensor has a built in amplifier to provide highly accurate S/N ratio and the cable can be extended by using an extension cable.

Flexible: Corresponds to Changing Noise

Peripheral noises of the grinding wheel will always change. PULCOM GE-10 and PULCOM GE-10V collect peripheral noises every time the measurement starts and analyze the frequency to build the noise elimination filter (spectrum subtraction filter).

High-speed Response: Noise Spikes Eliminated

Although the response of the conventional gap eliminator was slow due to the lowpass filter for anti-spike noise, PULCOM GE-10 and GE-10V have digital processing and have achieved quick response with spike noise elimination filter. Delay for the square wave input is shorten by approximately 1/8 of the analog method.

Safe / Secure: Sensor Fault Diagnosis

At the beginning of every measuring cycle, the sensor generates AE waves for diagnosis. The fault and sensitivity deterioration of the sensor are diagnosed by the reflection wave

Process Monitoring: Display Process Monitor

The optimization of the processing condition helps the analysis of the cause of the defect because the change of AE waves that is generated by the process can be identified very clearly by digital noise reduction of PULCOM GE-10 and GE-10V.

Process Monitoring: Frequency Analysis Function

Detected AE waves are analyzed by frequency analysis, and power spectrum is displayed in real time. It detects the problem that cannot be distinguished by strength level of AE wave.

Process Monitoring: Combine with In-Process Gauge

By using in-process gauge and PULCOM GE-10V to identify the processing status clearly, not only processing dimension but also the most suitable processing load, workpiece roughness and profile accuracy are improved.

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