Tact Time Reduction and Better Functionality

The PULCOM GE-10 grinding wheel touch monitor detects contact between the grinding wheel and material being ground and instantaneously transmits signals to the NC to be input into the production cycle. This improves cycle times by speeding up cutting time and shortening non-cutting time to eliminate unneeded grinding cycles according to variations in dimensions from previous processes.

Optimizes Dressing Control and Extends Grind Stone Life

Monitors the AE waves generated through the contact between the dresser and the grind stone to detect when dressing is complete. Dressing time is reduced and grind stone life extended dramatically compared to the conventional method of dressing cycles and time.

A Crush Detection Function Protects the Main Shaft and Prevents Damage to the Grind Stone

The crush detector function prevents damage to the grind stone caused by impacts. Plus, it detects problems caused by chips or dust from the workpiece falling into the equipment.

New Highly Sensitive AE Sensor Developed

High-sensitivity AE sensor was developed specifically for detecting the contact between the workpiece and the grind stone. It detects as well as expensive sensors built in to dressers or shafts. The sensor is inside the amp to provide highly accurate S/N comparison and the cable can be extended so it can be installed anywhere.

High Reliability with Sensor Diagnosis Function

The PULCOM GE-10 can diagnose degradation in sensitivity or damage to the sensor head from the reflected AE waves generated by the sensor itself for diagnosis. This ensures long-term reliability.

Digital Noise Reduction Cuts Peripheral Noise

Highly accurate detection is achieved through the built-in digital signal processor (DSP) that uses our proprietary digital noise reduction to eliminate peripheral noise from the bearings and the coolant spray.

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