The correction of the grinding wheel balance is the key to reduce defect and labor hours in the grinding process. The less time to correct the balance was used, the more remarkable the improvement of the grinder’s productivity becomes.

PULCOM AB-10 is an automatic balancing system for grinding wheels.

By using PULCOM AB-10 , not only the grinder requires less than half of the time required by a skilled operator with 20 years of experience to change the grinding wheel; but the system also significantly reduces the vibration created by the exchange of the wheel (Skilled operator: 2.6 µm Vs Auto-balancer: 0.1 µm.)

In general, even for the skilled operator, it is very difficult to achieve a vibration level of less than 1 µm; if a novice operator presents, the vibration and the labour hours will increase and therefore a more significant improvement could be expected should the Auto-balancer be in place.

Easy Operation

PULCOM AB-10 will automatically correct the dynamic balance of the grinding wheel with a single button push from the front panel. (Or from the NC Command).

Now, anyone could perform perfectly, yet simply on the correction of the dynamic balance in which this complicated work could only be performed by a skilled worker previously.

Shortest Time Balance Correction

General auto balancers correct balance by measuring vibration change caused by moving weight that is
located in the balance head. In order to achieve that, weight cannot be moved fast. In some cases, when the weight moves too much, longer time may be required to correct the balance.

PULCOM AB-10 adopts high performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor), and algorithm is optimized by using Accretech’s (Tokyo Seimitsu’s) 3D coordinate measuring machine technology and roundness measuring
machine technology. By moving weight, vibration change occurs and balance correction position can be calculated from this slight vibration change.Therefore, perfect balancing can be achieved in a short time.

Maintaining and improving the process Quality

Poor grinding quality is caused by the vibration of the grinding table, which is caused by the unbalance of the grinding wheel. Even if balancing is performed properly at the wheel exchange time, balance may become worse by absorbing coolant or biased wear of grinding wheel.

PULCOM AB-10 observes vibration of grinding table, and if the vibration level becomes more than the threshold setting value, signal will be sent to NC to notify the operator that balancing is needed.

This system prevents producing defects caused by unbalance of grinding wheel.

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Pulcom AB10