Improved bearings and optical system provide 1000mm/second (V10 connection) high-speed response and high rigidity.

This unit can be used in combination with the powerful application software used by the V10, which sets the standard for in-line measuring machines. As with past models, connection to the DH-151 display unit is also supported.

  1. Multi-point measuring system: Up to four MINIAX units can be connected (standard: 2) for a maximum of 32 different measurements (8 items can be displayed simultaneously).
  2. Workpiece change function (option): This option eliminates the need for fre- quent setup changes when measuring different types of workpieces.
  3. Dual language display: Japanese and English.
  4. Judgment function: +NG、OK1-OKn、–NG(n=19 or less).
  5. Smoothing: Measured data stabilization can be set in 0.01-second units.
  6. RS-232C (option): For output of measurement data and judgment results.
  7. Store function (option): Peak-to-Peak, Max, Min.
  8. SPS function (option): For use in combination of the PC card for data storage (CSV format).
  9. Print function (option): Enables printing of measurement results.
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