CVT Pulley Measuring Machine

This machine measures the groove dimensions of the CVT PULLEY on the fixed side and sliding side, OBD diameter, inside and outside diameter, splitting groove degree by using an electric micrometer and a digital scale. Then it displays the measurement result on the measuring control unit screen and also judges whether it’s OK or NG.

Torque Converter

Torque Converter Measuring Machine

This is an automatic machine that can measure the check items of torque converter as below. Multiple use of the work is possible if you simply exchange the setup. List of the check items: the hole position, HUB height, standards BOSS end face height, HUB, BODY outside dimension, measurement of each type of RING GEAR, large and small SPLINE rotation TORQUE.

AT Housing

AT Housing

This unit measures inner and outer diameter, groove bottom diameter and deflection of A/T housing by using electric micrometer and judges whether the product is OK or NG.

AT, CVT Assembly

Transmission Shim Selection Machine

This machine measures how high two parts are positioned before assembly so that the proper preload is applied to the bearing of the drive shaft of the transmission. It is a measuring instrument that selects a shim with appropriate thickness for assembly by calculation.

CVT Sheave Alignment Measuring Machine

This machine measures the mutual positioning of the CVT when assembling the CVT sheave in the rear case by an electric micrometer. Next, it makes a judgment and displays the result by the control unit. From the result it calculates the alignment dimensions needed for assembly.

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